For all intents and purposes...

Welcome, thanks for the love.

After 16 years of consistent creative output (freelance and full time) I think I might just be finding my voice…

Throwback to 2000 when I was living in Vasco, Cape Town in a tiny room the size of a jail cell. I encountered another artist, a giant-like Ethiopian man, who sometimes invited me over for wine and vinegared kidneys. A meal I still havent identified to this day.

He made a living by selling his mixed media, textured paintings on Greenmarket Square and when he saw my drawings he tried to comment on them without hurting my feelings, I guess.

He grinded out, “Thees is thee aaaart of sumone who huz lived in the seety all heez life”. (This is the art of someone who has lived in the city all his life)

This statement has stuck with me, even haunted me at times. But – I have come to own it since it is probably the most clearly visible common thread that ties together my drawings, photography, public art and sculptural works. Thematically it makes sense because I’ve enjoyed working in such a wide range of media – I was doing the rounds as a Hip Hop photographer round about 2003 till 2007 – at a time when it wasn’t exactly fashionable or appreciated to document parkjams and archive these events. I did logos and album covers for some of the musicians, too, cultivating lasting friendships.

Then, later, I joined Burning Museum to make public art between 2012 and 2015 – work which continues to define what I do today. These are just two examples – but to describe all the different work in one blog post kinda defeats the purpose of this website, doesn’t it?

I am also the product of the many arts organizations who actively promote artistic production in South Africa. Humbly, in this way, I follow in the footsteps of those who came before me. Artists like Garth Erasmus, Lionel Davis, Peter Clarke, Jill Trappler, Gary Frier and many, many others.

This doesn’t mean that I’m uber confident ….nah. The uncertainty is still there – however, instead of being fueled by perfectionism and procrastination – it is fueled by a recognition that the work I do will not solve world hunger or end wars – but …. I owe it to myself to put this website “out there” and have somewhere my work is properly archived, don’t I?

If they don’t add you to the lexicon …you have to add yourself. Isn’t it?

Why now?

In November 2017 I will be presenting my solo exhibition. Some of the work produced for the show will only live online and this will probably be its home. Plus – it’s high time isn’t it?

What will you find here if you stick around for a bit ?

Projects (in a wide range of media) which are close to my heart , which I would love to showcase, News of current and upcoming collaborations, maybe even tiny bits of fine art blabbering, My attempts at showing how some of my clients have shaped my creative output and broadened how I think about art and design plus hints and clues of upcoming projects and experiments,

AND Eventually an online store where some of my art can be bought directly.

I owe a great many people thank yous – for encouraging me to do this.
Most recently , I have to thank:


Yvette Hess for consistent support and check-ins

Lesiba Mabitsela for the hours and hours of conversation on the mind and process of the artist and also being an extra set of eyes,for all of the sharing and having faith in my work even when we disagree.

Gary and the Frier family for always sharing knowledge, advice and a good whiskey.

Ronald Muchatuta – The voice of reason – for the always honest feedback and being a reliable sounding-board.

Refilwe Nkomo, for her constant interest and support of my work.

Ilze Wolff, for her ingenuity, influence, patience and allowing me her architectural practice as a venue for my first proper solo exhibition.

Janet Ranson, for including me in her exciting adventures.

Lutanda Zemba for acknowledging me. (You honour me, sir)

Nicole Stephanie Smith for the inspiration.

Timmy Van Graan, Lylle Ferreira and Lloyd Potts for being the ever-present spiritual brothers.

Justin Davy, Tazneem Wentzel, Jarrett Erasmus and Grant Jurius – my Burning Museum family who trusted me enough to have me along on a three year creative journey – putting up with all my imperfections.

Clint White and Nabillia Fritz – here’s to new partnerships

Jamie Litt for giving me the break at Ubuntu Bikes when I had just been retrenched. I did some exciting work and started to find my feet in the creative industries with you. Cheers mate!

And last but not least … to my love, my daughter Claire Ray Williams for being a light in my life.

I hope you will come back to visit my site many more times …and I hope it will be worthwhile for you to do so.

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