Klawarritsoesis (2016)
Dimensions: Variable
Media: Woven shoelace sculpture

“Klawarritsoeis” is an Afrikaans expression used as a response to denote that

“the damage has been done”

“I can’t change things now”

“I resign myself to accept this”


The context of the statement is determined by where exactly in Cape Town the user lives and under what circumstances the sounds have left their mouth. The expression has the words joined together to express the phonetic speed with which “Klaar wat dit so is” can be rattled off in the flow of mother-tongue Afrikaans. “Klawarritsoeis” finds itself used as the title of this artwork to relay the sense of the artist resigning himself to acceptance that the artwork is as complete as it ever will be. It is the maturity of the realization that the artists’ studio is a space of experimentation…it is the space of accidents …it is the space of play.

While the main thrust behind the work is just as serious as the blatantly Urbanist ideas within the work “Kort & Vrede” the resignation to accept that the work is complete with such an expression as “Klawarritsoeis”is followed by rumbling laughter. Further aspects of this idea of play are referenced by the act of weaving shoelaces which (in this case) have their roots in school pastimes – the weavings of which are then usually attached to schoolbags and key chains. The colours of the shoelaces are youthful, varied, bursting with a lack of respect for colour theory and conventions of colour matching.

It’s so very rule-breakish.

It’s so very “leave me alone. I felt like it”

It’s so very “Can’t you see the kid is having fun?”

“Klawarritsoeis” toys with the concept of sculpture, teetering over to the realms of object. Leaning heavily over to the domain of the oddly shaped primary school clay craft – “Look mom, I made a hippo” (which looks nothing like a hippo except for the general lumpish form) Some edges hang loose – completely demystifying the process of its making. They reveal the material from which they were born.
“Did he weave this from SHOELACES?!” “Hahahahaha, wakakakaka, krkrkrkrkrkrkrkr”

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